Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Frauds and roulette

As a rule, scammers near the roulette tables, working against the casino.
The most common way of cheating on roulette is "cover".
The essence of it is as follows: the fraudster makes several different bets on roulette (mostly stacks of several different chips), and when the result becomes clear, imperceptibly for the dealer adds a few chips to the winning cell. For example, if the "cap" will add to his winning direct bet (bet on the number of roulette) just $ 2, he will be richer by 70...

Scammers when playing roulette casino

"Lids" work mainly with partners or even a team, behave noisily, constantly waving their hands and create chaos at the roulette table. This is done deliberately in order to divert the attention of the casino dealer from betting and " naturalness "when"covering". "Lids" usually play at a table with a lot of players-neighbors - so it's easier to" cover", remaining unnoticed by the security service of the casino.
No less popular way of cheating roulette players against the casino is a banal collusion of the player with the dealer of the roulette.
The player and the dealer agree in advance (outside the casino). During the game of roulette, the dealer pays the player an inflated bet, or even pays for a bet on the roulette field that has not even been made.
With all its simplicity and invisibility, this method is the most exposed. The matter is that any casino keeps the most careful statistics of games, and at loss of one of roulette tables from the General "track" the dealer is at once closely watched and controlled by security service of a casino. Although at short distances for high Rollers (players who play big), this method brings a lot of money. The main thing is not to get carried away...
Of the scammers trying to" cheat " the player near the roulette table, you can select only pickpockets and thieves chips wielding in the casino.

The game of roulette – mathematical forecasting

On any casino, one of the most gambling and visited types of games is roulette. In fact, there are more than four types of roulette at the moment. The most common is the classic roulette. Over the years, it has found its lovers.

Math and roulette

At different times, many mathematicians tried to calculate the roulette formula. Calculate the overall trend to systematize winnings. They all came to the same conclusion. Calculate roulette impossible.
The fact is that each spin of the roulette is launched from a different point and rotates at different speeds. Moreover, the ball is also launched from different points and at different speeds. The effect of randomness added obstacles in the path of the ball. Therefore, there is no slightest guarantees, and not there is formula miscalculation movement and landing ball. He can always fall somewhere to the side.
Now the long-term bet formula is being promoted on the Internet, in particular the martingale system. She says that if you bet on the same thing all the time, sooner or later your winnings will fall out. If you increase the bet amount in proportion to the number of losses, the profit of the win will cover all costs and bring profit. That's not true.
This parable has been tested by many people who have invested in it and are left with nothing. Mathematics is not suitable for roulette and statistics are very difficult to keep.
The fact is that on each table the size of the bet is limited both from the minimum side and from the maximum. When playing on the black and red bets, you are given the opportunity, starting with the minimum bet, to bring it to the maximum when doubling for 6-7 bets. Therefore, when you get 8 red or black values in a row, you lose a large sum, and once again you just do not give the casino system. And, given the amount of winnings and losses, you have to win 200-300 laps that would cover one loss.
Mathematically, this is a failed scheme. In real casinos, it does not work at all, in online casinos, this scheme works on multiplayer tables with a bypass of the maximum rate by joining the game of other players, but the percentage all exactly shows a negative result. In any casino there are special shooting systems. And sooner or later you fall for it and lose all your money. If you want to win back, the next loss will not make you wait long.
Roulette has always been more a test of their own luck than a way to make money and improve their own well-being. Do not forget that this is just a gamble. It is also worth considering that you are playing with a casino that does not want you to lose their own funds. To prevent permanent losses, the casino employs a team of specialists who are always ready to stop your winnings and make you lose all your money.
Do not play against professionals, you have very little chance to win. If you still dare to use this scheme, try to choose the right casino. Try to find a platform that is very common and has a lot of visitors, it is possible you will save a little from the directed draining of money. Refuse all bonuses. Play only for your money and at the first feeling that you are beginning to drain, take away the winnings and leave.
When playing according to the scheme, wait your turn more often. Do not bet without preliminary statistics, increase the chance of winning. And don't play alone at the table. If there are a lot of players at the table, your chances increase significantly.
Do not enter the casino very often and try to use several strategies. Sooner or later you will calculate the computer and will merge all your funds. So it is better not to play at all, and if you sat down at the table, do not waste money, and bet wisely.

Why is everyone so fond of 7-red on roulette?

Many avid players have their lucky numbers. It happens whether because of the frequent wins when betting on the same number, according to numerology or because the fortune teller divined-is unknown. Although all those same owners lucky numbers can with full seriousness explain its attachment to numbers. However, repeatedly proven statistical theory does not allow the existence of luck numbers in the game of roulette. But do not rush to reconsider your opinion about the happy numbers, especially if you are inspired by the stories of Ashley Revel and Chris Boyd.
Englishman Chris Boyd is remembered for the fact that in the 90s, after three years of accumulation 220 000$ went to the casino exclusively for the game of roulette. In order to make a bet, he went to Las Vegas, the place of the best gambling and high stakes. Since he wanted to wager the entire amount at a time, many casinos refused him. On the terms of the computer genius went only to Binion's Horseshoe Casino.

seven red fell on the roulette wheel

 In this casino roulette symbol 00 was not simple, indicating that the house edge is 2.7%. Casino management agreed to increase the limit to $ 100,000 so that Boyd could place a bet of $ 220,000. After a light warm - up, the entire amount in the bet red/black was put on "red". The ball stopped at 7 red, and Boyd won a large sum. Afterward, he gave a party and vowed never to play roulette.
A follower of Boyd and Ashley Revell became the hero of roulette. He certainly didn't spend years accumulating the right amount. Ashley made it easier: sold all his property, namely the house, car, furniture, clothes. Having received for parting with the acquired $ 135,300, he also went to Las Vegas. His game was watched by sky One reporters, so the story of his victory quickly became public.
Ashley Revell risked everything, because in addition to losing money he could be nothing but just a bum, after all, no house or anything else he had. But when he got to the casino, he made a bet on red, and the ball, as if by magic, stopped at 7 red. Following Boyd's lead to the end, Revel threw a big victory celebration.
These two similar stories convince many players that 7 red is definitely a lucky number. The legendary British, of course, did not bet on 7, but for some reason, in both cases, the red seven was the reason for winning at roulette.
Whether or not to refer to this number or any other as successful, bringing gains - especially your right. But, I want to repeat once again that statistics do not allow lucky numbers in roulette.

Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is an online casino game in which everyone can enjoy a great game. But unlike slot machines or even roulette, winning blackjack is not just about luck. Thus, improving your game can be a determining factor for increasing your chances of winning. Isn't it a lot more fun when you're good and successful at the game?

This article on online blackjack tips will provide you with some important steps to improve your abilities and help you reach your potential in this sensational Game.

When you start your journey through the world of Blackjack ...
1. Practice online: playing blackjack online "for fun", you can get acquainted with the work and dynamics of the game and try scenarios or strategies, without the risk of losing. It is advisable to practice a little before you start playing at the tables for real money.

2. Use the blackjack strategy table: if you do not know the basic strategy, you will automatically be at a disadvantage. You should immediately know (either by heart or by using a table of basic strategies) which option is best if you have reached 16 and the dealer is at 15.

Then before you start playing ...
3. Analyze tables and players: a player should never enter an environment in which he is unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Just play at tables where you don't feel afraid or out of control. You can't maximize your potential if you spend half the time worrying about distractions or disturbances. You don't want slow or abusive players wasting your time when you could be making money and making more profit.

While you're playing, don't forget ...
4. Make doubling when appropriate: this is an opportunity to get an extra card and win against the dealer if you think you are capable of it.

5. Always consider the "split" (split bet): splitting your cards can help you try to beat the dealer on two fronts. The basic strategy tables tell you when to divide and when not, check out tip # 2 for that!

6. Never use insurance: it's a bad game with bad odds and usually only serves the casino.

7. Manage your money: you can't play without it. So paying attention to cash is great advice. Start with smaller tables and try to make a profit before rushing to tables with large amounts of money. Bet only what you can lose.

And never, but never forget ...
8. Give the dealer a tip: who knows what it can lead you to a good relationship with the dealer. Tipping never hurts anyone, it's a way to build a good relationship. Who knows, if you scratch their back, they might scratch yours by shuffling afterwards or speeding up the game.

Take these tips into consideration and you will surely become more successful in the game. Basic strategy is the key. Once you've learned this and know what to bet on when facing certain cards versus dealer cards, you can follow and try out various advanced strategies. Blackjack is not hard to master, but it is really hard to perfect.

Slots with accumulated jackpot or progressive jackpot

The video slot jackpot has undoubtedly flourished since it first appeared in a casino in 1986. They progressed even more than 10 years later, when they took the hand of the phenomenal Internet, modern online casinos were born .
Game developers have used all this, which provided an incredible opportunity for bonus properties. Currently, there are particularly vibrant online slots thanks to their simply exaggerated accumulated jackpot, although it is extremely difficult to get it.

What is a jackpot or progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is nothing more than a prize or an amount of money that is offered as a reward for playing. As the main feature, the payment amount increases gradually with each bet, so its name is progressive.
This accumulated jackpot is valid for certain types of games, but is often associated with slot games . Regardless, progressive jackpots are usually the biggest and most important prizes of the games in question.

Progressive jackpot

There are three types of accumulated boats:
Those that are inside the slot machine individually. The amounts are usually small and reach tens of thousands of euros .
Those that occur in a particular casino. Several slots from the same game are linked. Prizes have a large amount and can reach several hundred thousand euros .
They are represented in several online casinos around the world. Slots are connected over a network. This is the biggest prize you can expect. The amounts often exceed millions of euros .
The most popular progressive jackpot games tend to be the games with the highest jackpot. They also often have an exciting game and other various bonus features that support the game.